About the clan and recruitment.

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About the clan and recruitment.

Post  Kaney on Thu Apr 26, 2012 10:08 pm

The Enigma Clan [TEC] is an international World of Tanks (European server) clan.

We're a mature, friendly, relaxed and not overly serious group.
Most of us now have tier 8 and up, but new recruits are welcome when they have tier 6 tanks, active and willing to use teamspeak. New members also need to register on this forum. Clanmembers get access to all the forum sections.

We now have about 50 members, we need 70 or so to be able to join Clanwars.
Right now we practise t8 company games, play lots of platoon games and we're working on team organisation and tactics.

When you like to join us...contact Kaney, Paganwarrior, Wez999...or any other clanmember.


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