Hi, I'm Mats

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Hi, I'm Mats

Post  mats2 on Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:55 am

Hello everybody.

Thanks for the invitation -- now I'm proud to be a member of TEC.
So -- I'm a next new recruit and cannon fodder Smile

About myself: I am middle age man from Estonia and sometimes I think I shouldn't play computer games Smile Anyway, I still do and exploring WOT has lead me to this very moment. Earlier I have played BZFlag and TankiOnline using nickname Micky.

I have researched German and Soviet vehicles up to Tier 7, not all of course Smile
Since Outfielder told me that KV-1S is the official TEC tank, I also researched this one though I've spend more times with German armors.

... alias Mats2

BTW, Mats isn't a real name, mats is a readneck in estonian Smile

PS! What teamspeak I should download and install, it seems that there are teamspeak and teamspeak3 available.


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Re: Hi, I'm Mats

Post  globalwargamer on Tue Sep 04, 2012 3:42 am

Hiya mate ! and welcome to TEC ! You should download TS3, and IP address of TEC is (type 'enigma' if any password is requested).
Good to see fresh blood in our troops, and looking forward to seeing you in company games tonight, round 0800 GMT Very Happy


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